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Prayon, a worldwide leader in phosphate chemistry, delivers a complete range of very pure fertilisers commercialised under the Hortipray® brandname: MAP (monoammonium phosphate), MKP (monopotassium phosphate), potassium nitrate which is produced by Kemapco from Jordan…
Hortipray® micronutri Fe is an innovative fertiliser that combines iron and multiple polyphosphates. It presents highly effective iron uptake by plants.

With more than a century of industrial experience, the Belgium-based Prayon Group is a world leader in phosphate chemistry. The Prayon Group is owned jointly by the Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP) and the Wallonia Regional Investment Company (SRIW), which have equal stakes in it. With manufacturing operations in Belgium, France and the United States, Prayon serves a global customer base through a sales and service organization that spans the globe.

Prayon manufactures and markets an extensive range of purified phosphoric acids, phosphate salts and fluorine products from our sites throughout the world. The Prayon products are chiefly used as primary materials in the manufacture of end products. They are used in fertilisers, food (including baked goods, meat, processed cheese, fish and seafood, cereals, fruit and vegetables) and a range of industrial applications (for paper, ceramics, glass, metal, and so on).

Prayon delivers very pure fertilisers on the European market. This top purity level enables extremely high solubility in water. The Prayon Group has for long been one of the leading European manufacturers of high-quality fertilisers such as MAP (monoammonium phosphate) and MKP (monopotassium phosphate). To better satisfy the needs of its customers and fulfil the requirements of the most demanding producers and consumers, the company now delivers a complete range of products commercialised under the Hortipray® brandname. For example potassium nitrate which is produced by Kemapco from Jordan.

While constantly improving existing activities, Prayon has decided to place innovation at the centre of its economic model and make it a core value of the company. Prayon has developed Hortipray® MAP and MPK in a version branded Hortipray® MAP anticalc and Hortipray® MKP anticalc with the same nutrients analysis but with a unique feature that improves its performance under hard-water conditions by preventing the formation of insoluble carbonates and phosphates in the irrigation lines, that disturbs the flowing and clogs the pipes and the drippers.
Hortipray® Pbooster is a newly developed product that combines ortho and polyphosphates to enhance growth and also to avoid clogging of pipes.
Hortipray® micronutri Fe is an innovative fertiliser that combines iron and multiple polyphosphates. It presents highly effective iron uptake by plants and has a lot other advantages.

On top of delivering high quality products formulated to suit all the plants’ needs, Prayon assists growers in enhancing crop yield and quality by offering targeted advice and specific management tools.

EAS (Expertise Application Support) is primarily technical support and provide their customers with solutions to their phosphate deployment issues and guidance so they can optimise phosphate use according to their specific applications. Harnessing our technical expertise, we deliver innovative customised solutions to meet the specific needs of customers in terms of applications and manufacturing processes. Moreover, our experts benefit from learning about the specific characteristics and features of different parts of the world.




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