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PlantoSys Nederland b.v.

PlantoSys Nederland b.v.

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PlantoSys develops biostimulants and (CE) fertilsers that support the plant to become and remain healthy, robust and vital. Whether your crop absorbs our products through the soil (roots) or through their leaves, it is done systemically: throughout the entire plant. In the plant they not only promote the capacity to absorb nutrients (minerals, nutrients) from the soil, they also promote growth, self-healing capacity and vitality. In this way, your crops are more resistant to weather influences and other abiotic factors and their absorption capacity is promoted.

We developed, test and market various products and adapt these as much as possible to specific crops and application methods. For example, we now have experience in the following sectors: greenhouse vegetables, pot plants, cut flowers, bulbs, arboriculture, herbs, soft fruit and seed potatoes.




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