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IIVO is a combination of smart software and advanced hardware. This system is capable of monitoring and controlling any greenhouse. This allows you to grow more, of a higher quality with minimal use of natural resources. The system is effective, but also extremely efficient and sustainable, allowing you to generate maximum results. With self-learning controls and integrated safety, this is the first step towards automated growing.

IIVO consistently monitors all aspects of your greenhouse, including climate conditions, water management and energy management. But the system can do more. The system collects and archives data to create a complete, holistic overview of greenhouse conditions. IIVO can thus be used as an advanced control computer to determine the specific needs of your crop at any time.

At the basis of IIVO are the principles of Plant Empowerment: a unique cultivation method that combines plant physiology and physics. An optimal water, energy and assimilate balance creates stronger, healthier crops that are less susceptible to diseases and pests. A crop-specific approach that gives your crop exactly what it needs.

IIVO is designed to enable the further implementation of data-driven growing. By combining powerful algorithms, crop climate data and plant physiology, you can make the best decisions for your plants. The continuous flow of data, collected during cultivation, generates real-time insight into the conditions in your greenhouse and the health of your plants. Insight that can be used to power artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At IIVO, millions of lines of code are put to work to gather crop-specific insights. The software is built from scratch by Hoogendoorn. No codes from the past, no temporary solutions. IIVO shines new light on the true potential of growing crops in controlled environments.


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