Gas/Oil burner


Since its establishment in 1960, Thermeta Service BV has produced burner systems for greenhouse farming, industry and utility. The core of this delivery programme is the LN-series (Low NOX) burner. The Thermeta LN-series burner is extremely flexible for use of various fuels and combinations of fuels burnt separately or even simultaneously. This allows delivery of burners for (bio) gas, (bio) oil, heavy oil or gas + oil simultaneously. This makes the Thermeta burner financially interesting and you can directly capitalize on developments in the energy market or temporary gas shortages. The flexibility of application of fuels or combinations of fuels is obtained by the unique design of the Thermeta Service BV burners, which allows for mounting and delivering these types in the same housings. The burners are delivered in a capacity range from 582 kW to 14.000 kW.






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