Regulatory Affairs Specialist (40 hours – Berkel en Rodenrijs)


The function includes the following duties/responsibilities:
– Develop, write and coordinate the creation of new global regulatory dossiers for macro biocontrol solutions;
– Write, coordinate and complete the submission of regulatory documents to (inter)national authorities;
– You analyze business developments and you proactively suggest regulatory activities in relation to our market access within the Horti- and Agribusiness worldwide;
– Prepare responses to (inter-) national legislation facilities questions and other regulatory correspondence;
– Provide regulatory support to product development teams which includes in-depth team involvement with core team members (e.g. marketing, R&D). Guide and train your team members.
– Build and maintain professional relationships with regulatory authorities, consultants and specialists to shape the regulatory environment;
– Support the development, implementation and evaluation of Regulatory Affairs procedures, processes, standards and systems, evaluate bottle necks and/ or compliancy risks and support the implementation of improvements.

The duties and responsibilities for this position will evolve over time as Regulatory Affairs is of increasing importance for Koppert, because of the need for registration of Kopperts’ products. As Koppert is one of the leading companies in the industry, there is an important role for this department in influencing policy makers, to ensure that (inter)national legislation facilitates future innovations and protects the environment and wellbeing of human and nature.

We are looking for an enthusiastic colleague to join this team on the journey to build our business forwards into the future. Our team consists currently 9 professionals (Regulatory Affairs, Legal Affairs and Public Affairs). The cooperation within our teams is informal, as is the general atmosphere. We help each other to get the best solutions for our clients.


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