Geysir – Energy saving glass for cold climate


Geysir – Energy saving glass for cold climate

Geysir is a low-iron glass treated with a low emissivity coating on the outside of the greenhouse.

This coating has the capacity to retain the heat inside by preventing the infrared heat spectrum from being re-radiated into the outside. The greenhouse stays warm, as the glass surface.

This is sandwiched between two durable anti-reflective (AR) coatings to maximise the hemispherical light transmission but also to protect the glass from corrosion.


• High hemispherical light transmission

Our AR coating delivers excellent hemispherical light transmission (average light transmission all year round). The higher the hemispherical light transmission, the higher the crop yield.

• Heating savings

Our low emissivity coating reflects interior infrared energy to the inside, like a mirror, reducing radiant heat loss through the window. The need for heating during cold period is reduced.

• Reduced condensation

Our coating keeps the internal pane warm reducing the condensation on the glass surface: the light transmission remains constant, and crops stay healthy.

• High relative humidity

Our low emissivity coating keeps the inside of the greenhouse warmer. The higher the temperature, the higher the water-holding capacity. Even without humidifier, the relative humidity is maintained.





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