Brillant – Energy saving glass for warm climate


Brillant – Energy saving glass for warm climate

Brillant is a low-iron float glass treated by a chemical reaction, etching, on one side to create the required level of hortiscatter.

This is sandwiched between two durable anti-reflective (AR) coatings able to reflect near infrared (NIR) responsible for the heat.

Moreover, AR maximise the hemispherical transmission protect the glass from corrosion.


• High hemispherical light transmission

Our AR coating delivers excellent hemispherical light transmission (average light transmission all year round). The higher the hemispherical light transmission, the higher the crop yield.

• Avoid Overheating

Our coating reflects near-infrared energy from the sun responsible for the heat, which prevents heat to enter the greenhouse. The need for cooling during warm period is reduced.

• High Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) transmission

The uniform distribution of water on the glass has no negative impact on the light transmission, enabling growers to maximise their production. Also, the risk of disease is reduced while the water can be recaptured and recycled.

• Superb hortiscatter

Hortiscatter delivers even light distribution, reducing the amount of shade and ensuring that crops grow uniformly. This not only prevents leaves from burning, but also makes them grow more horizontally, resulting in greater light capture and a higher yield.





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