Snij Gerbera


Due to our specialist experience in the cultivation of young plants and with the Gerbera cultivation itself, we received more and more demand to provide extended cultivation of Cut Gerberas. We started this in 2018 and it was very successful. This cultivation usually takes place in the summer, but there is also increasing interest in extended cultivation in early spring or autumn.

Growing is continuous management and looking ahead. Globe Plant is equipped with the most modern techniques. We ensure that the young plants can grow optimally with the help of advanced climate and nutrition controls, insect netting, misting, lighting, darkening and tight culture floors. Naturally in combination with our knowledge and up-to-date processing and logistics machines.

We distinguish ourselves through a sustainable and hygienic cultivation approach. For example, all air windows are screened to keep insect pressure to a minimum, and we work
according to the strictest hygiene protocols. Moreover, we, as the first propagation company in the Netherlands, have been using geothermal energy since 2016… the most sustainable energy source for
modern greenhouse horticulture. Our company is GlobalGAP GRASP certified and always meets the MPS-A + requirements.


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