Seconding emloyees


Temporary employment is the making available of workers to a client. This is done on a flexible basis at a pre-agreed rate. The number of hours per week is flexible, as is the duration of the work. To be able to respond effectively to changes in the market, it is important to have a flexible workforce. By deploying temporary staff, it is possible to respond quickly and efficiently to peaks and troughs in the workload. Temporary workers can also be used to replace permanent staff in the event of illness or maternity leave, for example. By using our temporary workers you can save a lot of time, negative energy and costs.

We take care of the entire administration, with which we also take over the associated employment law risks and liabilities and we guarantee the timely payment of salaries, wage tax and social contributions. Everything in accordance with legal and fiscal regulations. This way you keep your employees costs flexible. In addition, this method gives you the opportunity to extend the probationary period and thus improve the person in the position. There are companies that are looking for (temporary) employees and there are people who want to work (temporarily). OCT brings these parties together. Due to the large number of vacancies in our database, we can mediate in many types of work.

For all broadcasting options and tailor-made advice, please contact our office advisers, we will be happy to assist you!






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