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HortiZone is a purification system with a purification rate of more than 95% and
which operates in accordance with the newest legislation. In addition to purification,
the HortiZone ECO can also be used for decontamination purposes. The HortiZone
ECO has a capacity of 0.7 or 1.2m3/hr, while the larger HortiZone PRO can produce
outputs of up to 10m3/hr.
The HortiZone operates on the basis of ozone oxidation. The unique design of the
ozone reactor, in combination with the latest ozone technology, provides the basis for
the HortiZone’s purification rate. The entire process is controlled by means of a PLC
provided with a full-colour touchscreen incorporated into the system itself. The system
automatically sends failure and maintenance notifications by email, and can be controlled
by remote via the user’s smartphone or PC. The operation is entirely based on
ozone. Therefore, there is no need whatsoever for consumables like activated carbon,
hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, catalysts, coated ceramic granules or similar. All that is
needed is electricity and compressed air.


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