Hortiled Top 120v19


HORTILED Top 120v19 is the most efficient LED fixture on the market, with an efficiency level of 3.5 µmol/Joule, which is an 84% efficiency increase compared to HPS 1000W. This efficiency brings direct savings on your energy bill and produces significantly less heat. This makes it possible to light at a higher intensity with minimum impact on the greenhouse temperature.

An LED fixture for grow light isn’t that unique in itself, let’s be honest. The market is flooded with all kinds of LED manufacturers from all over the world. However, the way our LED fixture is designed, combined with the use and smart combination of high quality materials, makes that we have the highest grow light output with the lowest energy consumption. So a grower has a higher yield while saving energy. Besides that, you need fewer fixtures to achieve the same light level, causing less stress on natural resources and the environment.


– Less heat emission: efficient cooling with minimum impact on greenhouse environment
– 25% less transport volume because of smart design > lower CO2 footprint per fixture
– Easily applicable: directly interchangeable with existing installation






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