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High-pressure misting system

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Horticoop Technical Services’ high-pressure misting system

One of the key determining factors for ensuring a vigorous, productive crop is a good climate, in which retaining the desired level of Relative Humidity (RH) is immensely important. Horticoop Technical Services’ high-pressure misting system effectively helps to control RH and keep it at the desired level.

One or more high-pressure pumps pump water to the selected section, where the water is spray-misted into the air by an advanced nozzle system. The use of electronic piston valves makes it possible to treat only those sections that require more moisture. The desired humidity level is indicated on the RH sensor in the control box. In addition to this, the high-pressure misting system can easily be controlled by a climate computer. The various options for the installation of nozzles in the different sections ensure a suitable solution for every situation.

Cooling effect and retention of CO2
The primary objective of the high-pressure misting system is to keep the RH in the greenhouse at the desired level. Apart from this, spray-misting has a cooling effect (adiabatic cooling). This means that window vents will not have to be opened as widely and more CO2 can be retained.

Every high-pressure misting system can be custom-built. The use of various high-pressure pumps makes it possible to reach every desired capacity. If desired, a frequency regulator can be connected to the pump to ensure the optimal and effective operation of the system.


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