This Ds-mix, made of Ds-Lime, Cuprum and ManZincum, has been especially developed to increase the plant’s natural defence to spotted-wing drosophila.

The pH level is increased due to the lime (97% Ca(OH)2). Application of
150 grams of Ds-Lime in 100 litres of water achieves a pH of about 12 on the leaf. This has no adverse effects on the leaf and the fruit but results in asphyxiation of the SWD eggs and larvae.

The elevated pH is also detrimental to fungi such as powdery mildew (which cannot survive at a pH of 12) and botrytis (which survives less well at a pH of 12).

Cuprum and ManZincum
Add 250 ml Cuprum/ha + 750 ml ManZincum/ha. The particles in the micro copper (Cuprum), micro manganese and micro zinc (ManZincum) stick to the leaves like small magnets.



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