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Mixing vessel or injection unit
The Dosifeed is a mixing vessel or injection unit that can be used to prepare and pump feed water to your crops. The Dosifeed is available in different capacities and can be controlled by various computer systems.

As standard, the Dosifeed is equipped with a stainless steel frame and a work floor of galvanised grids. The Dosifeed can be equipped with a mixing vessel, in which the A and B fertiliser solutions are accurately administered by means of a number of dosing pumps. When many different feed solutions have to be prepared, the A and B solutions can be injected into a mixing chamber equipped with a static mixer.
An advanced EC and pH control system ensures the reliable dosage of the required fertilisers. The water is filtered through a sand filter that rinses fully automatically, or through a self-cleaning filter. For operational safety, an extra fine filter with a throughput of 130 microns is applied. An EC pre-control system can be applied for the mixing of drain water (which has been disinfected) to ensure the pre-set and regular supply of drain water.

The Dosifeed can process various types of fertilisers into the desired nutrient solution. Nowadays, solid fertilisers are often mixed with premixed fertilisers in big bags. When liquid fertilisers are processed the A and B vessels can easily be filled using the Flowfeed.


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