Airmix model G


Effective ventilation and dehumidification with closed shading screens for an optimum climate.

The Airmix system is designed to create an optimum growth climate. The Airmix has modulating valves to ensure that the right mixture of warm and cold air is drawn into the greenhouse. This makes it possible to provide ventilation and dehumidification with closed screens. The Airmix also works as a horizontal circulation system and is therefore multifunctional.

The Airmix can be applied to:
• Floriculture
• Vegetable cultivation
• Legal cannabis cultivation

The Airmix is a modular system (250 to 1,000 m2 per Airmix) and can be used in both new and existing greenhouses. The direction of the airflow can be controlled by an optional guide plate for the blown-out air, so that it is not aimed directly at either the screen or the crop. Other available options include a UL/CSA version and a guard grille.

Advantages Airmix
• No need to open the screen for a small gap
• No cold draughts; fewer temperature fluctuations
• Energy-saving, as the screen can be kept closed longer
• Controlled moisture extraction according to relative humidity
• Cooling with a closed blackout screen and artificial lighting
• No light emission with artificial lighting
• Suitable for all types of screen systems
• Easy to integrate into new and existing greenhouses

Advantages of the new Airmix model G:
• No holes in screen
• No light pollution in combination with blackout screen
• Easy to integrate into screen system
• Easy applicable to new and existing greenhouses



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