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Technically, 2G’s research and development has succeeded in adapting a standard natural gas CHP so that hydrogen is harnessed not only to generate electricity and heat on a comparably economically viable basis but also to operate highly efficiently while generating almost no CO2 emissions. The company already offers H2 CHPs in the 80 kWel to 280 kWel performance range at prices comparable to those for natural gas-powered plants.
Running costs are also comparable thanks to the utilization of standard gas engines, which means that the usual maintenance intervals for CHP units and a lifecycle of 60,000 operating hours also apply to the hydrogen CHP units. In addition, the CHPs are integrated into the existing close-meshed service infrastructure and 2G’s digital monitoring and control capabilities, which enhances availability and cost-effectiveness for operators. The systems are fully deployable in virtual power plants.
The application areas of 2G hydrogen technology for industry, trade and energy suppliers span a broad range of gas types: they can be utilized with other high hydrogen content gases such as those in chemical industry waste products, or with variable gas mixtures such as gases from purification plants, and landfill and natural gases. By contrast with fuel cells, the combustion engine is insensitive to pollutants in gases.
This makes the hydrogen CHP technology that 2G has developed a tried and tested alternative to fuel cell technology, which – according to the current status of knowledge – is not available for such purposes. Thanks to long-term storage in existing natural gas networks and storage caverns(through the medium of hydrogen), 2G’s hydrogen CHP technology provides electricity generated from wind and solar power plants with the requisite flexibility and base load capacity to ensure supply security. In addition, both the generation of hydrogen as well as conversion into electricity and heat generation are virtually free of CO2 emissions.


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