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ProCC is a labor and crop registration system. We work with a cloud-based system, so you can access your data anywhere, anytime. We are a specialized and affordable player in the field of registration. We use a license model where an annual fee is paid for the use of our system. To register the labor, we use our mobile app and NFC-Tags that are linked to employees, rows, carts, bags or something else. The employee selects the task he / she must perform in the app and scans the associated tag(s). This allows the task to be linked to weights or other specifications later. You can also use counts in the app or register pieces. This data is then temporarily stored on the buffer (a server on location), so it is not a problem if there is temporarily no internet at the location. When the buffer can connect to the cloud environment, all data is synchronized. After this you can view all registrations online and see how your employees perform and manage them.

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