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Oreon is the Dutch innovative developer and manufacturer of high-tech LED grow lights. Oreon started nearly 15 years ago with years and years of research. Throughout these years many tests have been implemented. The first commercial project with water cooled LED fixtures of Oreon was installed back in 2009. Now, the LED fixtures are worldwide deployed in the horticulture industry above various types of crops.

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Dutch Powerhouse Embrace

The multi-layer LED fixture Embrace has been specifically developed for vertical & indoor farming. In multi-layer cultivation heat and humidity are very important: an actively water cooled LED fixture offers the solution for a stable growing climate. The Dutch Powerhouse Embrace makes it possible to illuminate crops where there is little space available between fixture and crop. The Embrace has an extremely high light uniformity due to the ‘wide beam optics’. This ensures that a single multi-layer fixture can evenly illuminate a very large area. The Embrace can be equipped with a control functionality which enables the spectrum and light intensity to be adjusted dynamically. The grower can change the spectrum and the amount of light on the crop at any time. This not only improves crop quality but also helps achieve efficient and sustainable growth in a controlled climate. The Embrace is available in 3 hardware variants (R/B, R/BW, R/BW/FR). The Oreon multi-layer LED fixture features all the qualities and properties that make Oreon LED top lights so successful: the robust design, the glass LED cover, IP67, the low operating temperature and the ease of maintenance. The Embrace is suitable for voltages from 230 to 480 VAC, making the lamp suitable for all types of electrical systems. Lifespan: L90 B05 – 50,000h.

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