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About Laundry Expert
Are you opting for optimum hygiene in your company? Then really clean laundry cannot be missed. As a total supplier, Laundry Expert supplies professional commercial washing machines, tumble dryers, mangles, inserting machines, folding machines, stackers, finishers and payment machines. Laundry Expert also provides professional detergents, automatic soap dispensing systems and all other laundry supplies such as: laundry bags, name labels, transport trolleys and roll containers.
In short, everything in the field of clean laundry and the related issues that come with it to come to clean laundry. This also includes a clean laundry room, which you can easily get clean using our professional cleaning machines and cleaning products. We provide total solutions for the most diverse sectors, including Dutch horticulture.

Our mission

Laundry Expert puts the customer’s wishes first, your laundry is our passion. We supply, install, advise, train and maintain everything related to laundry. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive for long-term relationships where there is contact with a smile and we want to exceed your expectations. Laundry Expert also wants to be the most efficient, innovative and progressive total supplier in the industry. At Laundry Expert you must get the feeling that you are coming home, we embrace cosiness, friendliness and honesty. And everyone must be able to be themselves and want to get the best out of themselves. Because that’s how we do it a little better every time. Together we make the difference!
What can Laundry Expert do for you?
Our goal and passion is to link every customer to the best washing solution. Whether this means that we have to build an entire laundry room for you or that you are only ready for new laundry machines. It doesn’t matter, Laundry Expert thinks along with you and relieves every customer from A to Z. Everything to ensure that your company clothing and other laundry meets the hygiene requirements that apply within greenhouse horticulture and seed breeding. Thanks to our experience in this industry, we know exactly what you need!
Our services
• Project management & advice
• Piping
• Experience our professional machines in our Washing Experience
• Delivery, installation & maintenance
• Education & training
• Financing options: buy, lease, rent or pay for use.
• A stable 24/7 service for all your questions.
By delivering the total package, you as the customer have 1 telephone number for everything in your laundry. This means that Laundry Expert is not only responsible for the correct design of your washroom, but also for a well-designed washing process in which clean and / or virus is actually washed free. We take on the challenge, do you too?

Highlighted product

LaundryLion PWD 100

PWD stands for professional washer & dryer, this line of professional washer / dryer is often used in situations where normal household machines cannot handle the work. The machine has a longer lifespan than household machines and is faster in completing the washing & drying process. This machine is often used in a laundry / dry cleaning service, but is also suitable for the horticultural sector or healthcare institutions. With a drum capacity of 10 kg. much washing can be processed in one go, one washing cycle takes 40 minutes on average, which means that washing can be done quickly and frequently. The reason that many customers switch to professional equipment is due to the fact that professional equipment is often cheaper in energy consumption. The washing machine can optionally get hot water from the boiler which is more economical in consumption. These differences can amount to 50%. Another clear difference is the use of detergents / chemicals, better preservation of the quality of the textile and wear reduction. Many benefits for choosing the professional PW series washing machine equipment. Features LaundryLion PWD 100 Washing machine Stainless steel tub & drum Fully detached: can be placed on any floor Chassis with new Out-of-Balance software Soap dish with 4 compartments on the front Top, front and side panels as standard in anthracite gray Standard drain pump Electric heating or hot water connection 6 washing programs Possibility to adjust the program: – Extra prewash – Longer washing time – Extra rinse LED indication of the status of the program Countdown of the remaining time Optional Drain valve Electronic payment system operation Dryer Galvanized cylinder Extra large dust filter: easy to remove when cleaning Powerful fan motor ensures short drying times and low operating costs Electric and gas heating 4 drying programs

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