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Isolectra is a supplier of cables and connectors for lighting and electrical equipment for horticulture.
For example, Isolectra supplies a complete Pluggable Wieland RST® installation system for Horticulture. All parts of this installation are supplied as components that can be plugged together with the RST® plug specially developed for heavy applications such as horticulture. With the pluggable components (plug & play) an installation can be installed quickly, easily and flexibly.

* Comply with all international quality marks such as UL.

Highlighted product

RST® Y-Adapter

Due to the developments in greenhouse horticulture lighting, in particular the rise and improvement of LED, it is becoming interesting for many horticulturists to swith partially (hybrid) or fully to LED lighting. However, with the replacement of the lamps, the electrical infrastructure will have to be completely or partially replaced. Isolectra has developed an efficient alternative for this: the RST® Y-Adapter. With this plugable solution, the horticulturist can keep his existing installation intact and can adjust the installation quickly with the RST® Y-Adapter. The RST® Y-Adapter provides in savings and more convenience. This will make switching to LED lighting a lot easier.

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