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DCL Europe GmbH is the local European sales and service office of DCL International, a global leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of advanced emission control technologies.

DCL Europe GmbH’s technically trained and highly experienced sales professionals work closely with our engineering and manufacturing teams to develop customized emissions solutions. This integrated approach allows us to provide superior support, shorter lead times, and ensures our customers receive optimal solutions to achieve their emissions targets. DCL Europe has extensive experience providing 3-way, oxidation, and SCR catalyst, diesel particulate filters, silencers and heat exchangers for a variety of applications, including biogas, landfill and natural gas applications, power and combined heat and power generation around Europe.
Our sales professionals are strategically located across Europe to provide expert product knowledge and sales support, and our local warehouse service ensures fast delivery of replacement parts and many standard catalysts sizes.

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DCL Metalcor® Oxidation and SCR Catalyst Elements – The perfect fit for greenhouse applications

DCL’s Metalcor® catalysts are specifically designed for stationary engine exhaust in greenhouse applications. They efficiently reduce carbon monoxide, ethylene and formaldehyde, while producing carbon dioxide to stimulate plant growth. These extremely durable catalyst elements are a perfect fit for both DCL housings and competitor‘s housings and are available in a range of custom sizes with a variety of cell densities to allow for higher conversion rates or lower backpressure without altering the overall housing dimensions. Many European greenhouses have come to rely on DCL’s Metalcor® elements for their impressive durability, consistent reliability, lower backpressure and exceptional temperature stability. Lower Backpressure The thin walls of the metal foils used in Metalcor® elements provide a greater cell density and surface area for the catalyst coating. The increased efficiency of the substrate allows the overall depth of the element to be 40% thinner than its ceramic counterpart, this reduced size provides ultra-low backpressure restriction on the engine, ensuring peak performance. Rail/Track Mounting System Metalcor® substrates are installed in a rail/track system, manufactured out of the same material as the elements. The elements and rail/track thermally expands and contract at the same rate providing a gasket-less seal without any loss of surface area or exhaust gas. Greater Durability The highly durable outer stainless steel frame and high‑temperature resistant stainless steel foils of Metalcor® elements completely prevent any abrasion or breakage of the element. Field and lab tests have shown that the life expectancy of Metalcor® elements is approximately 10,000 hours longer than a comparable ceramic elements. Because of this exceptional durability and the absence of gaskets around the substrates, removal and re‐installation for service or cleaning is extremely efficient, minimizing downtime and improving the operating life of the elements.

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