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Beta Industry is the filtration and valve specialist.

The horticultural filter has become a household name in horticulture. The innovative horticultural filter is already being used by more than 250 growers and ensures that 100% of the drain water can be reused. The horticultural filter ensures that waste water is stripped of all solids without losing the nutrients in the water and without using filter material. Thanks to the experience that our specialists in horticulture have, we can advise you on the right solution.

We now also supply the newest generation BÈTA horticultural filter as a plug and play system. The horticultural filter is mounted on a specially designed frame and is equipped with a special supply pipe with flange connection, making the installation of the horticultural filter faster and easier.

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Why a Beta Industrie horticultural filter: Saving water is 100% reusable feed water Reliable Dutch product with fast service No loss of water and nutrients Filtration up to 20 microns High hour capacity with a compact unit

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