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“To help top entrepreneurs, who know where they want to get to and why, to achieve their ambitions”

Core Values:



knowledge, skills and conduct that are appropriate for the profession

finding a solution by acting inventively and with awareness

accountable for the task and the process

principled, reliable, trustworthy, independent

“We have been rising to the challenges set by our customers who want to achieve top results with our services ever since 1985. In doing so, our hands-on consultants, engineers and brokers look beyond solutions that have worked in the past. Working with innovative, forward-looking companies and projects has put us at the forefront in our specialist fields: technology, energy, brokerage, business administration, licencing and (geothermal) heat.

We have a broad national and international customer base. Although our roots lie in the greenhouse horticulture sector, we also have many clients outside this industry as our knowledge and no-nonsense approach can be applied to a wide range of sectors.”

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