Installation Saxtorp Svamp Sweden


The Smart Weighing table
Simple and Ergonomic

At the start of 2019, Saxtorp Svamp from Sweden called in LRE to simplify and also optimize the mushroom weighing process. In close cooperation, an ergonomic setup was looked at, whereby the bulk product can be placed both to the left and to the right of an employee. The modular and ergonomic weighing solution was a perfect fit with the current weighing process of Saxtorp Svamp. The attachment, which can be attached to the side of the weighing table, has been further developed into a universal attachment. In this way it can be attached to both sides of the weighing table for both the left and right-handed employee.

A Smart Solution
Direct support during high seasons.

Handling user and product data is becoming increasingly important. LRE responds to this with smart weighing and registration. Every DTS-V is provided with a smiley functionality. A colored smiley in red or green shows the worker whether the number of packs per minute, appropriate to the level of experience (beginner, average or experienced worker) is achieved or not. The smart software shows a line manager in various live reports how employees perform on the basis of: packs per minute, number of kgs packed and the percentage too much or too little in weight. In this way you can intervene immediately if work is not being carried out properly.

Smart weighing and registration has been in use at Saxtorp Svamp for a few weeks now. The 4 modular and ergonomic weighing tables are used to pack the mushrooms. The mobile & bulk weighing solution is mainly used as an extra weighing solution during the high seasons. The aftercare of the project is very important to us, says Roel Borgman owner of LRE. “We will continue to support and advise Saxtorp Svamp in the coming period to get the most out of our smart solutions”.

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