Hortitech trolleys has gone through a series of modifications in order to improve their functionality:
• New control buttons and switches made of steel applied- This will improve functionality and lifespan of applied parts
• Turbo button which allows the user to increase the travel speed up to 105m/min
• Rubber supports on scissors which prevents damage to the paint cover
• Tilt sensor which informs the user whenever trolley is losing stability or is deviating from leveled position
• Valve enabling adjusting lowering speed of the platform
• Sound and Light system on control panels informing the user about incorrect use of the trolley. Whenever some action is prohibited the trolley will issue beeping sound and light signal indicating error.
• Silent hydraulic power pack reducing the noise output
• New maintenance free gel batteries
• New advanced charger allowing the monitoring of the charging method
• New contactless potentiometer resistant to water, dust and shocks
• New inductive foot switch resistant to water, dust and shocks
• Improved overall waterproofness of the trolley

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