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Thai Plastic is a leading manufacturer in Thailand of high quality sunshade nets, insect nets and landscape fabric. All our products are made from 100% virgin HDPE. Our company was established over 30 years ago and utilizes up to date technology to produce products that best suit our customer’s requirements and global trends. We have a range of standard sizes that customers can choose from. In addition, we also offer customizations according to our customer’s requirements. We believe with our high quality raw materials and short lead time, we are in the position to supply the best product to our customers. Our nets can be used for all applications, but in particularly in the horticulture industry where they are widely used for greenhouse usage.

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Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric, or also known as weed barrier fabric, is a mesh type of plastic that is used to keep weeds out of your garden. Landscape fabric can be used in: orchards, greenhouses, gardens, highways, railways, tunnels, landfill projects, reservoirs and dams. Features: 1. Resists tearing and puncturing in both wet and dry conditions. 2. Long-lasting corrosion resistance in soil and water of different pH. 3. Allows air and water to penetrate for worry-free irrigation. 4. Can sustain damage from microorganisms and insects. 5. Easy to handle and transport due to light weight and softness. Thai Plastic Net uses high quality raw materials in the production of landscape fabric in our manufacturing facility in Thailand. It also contains UV protection for longer product lifespan. Standard colors are black and green, but we are open to customizations.

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