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SERCOM Regeltechniek B.V. is an important developer and supplier of process computers for climate control in greenhouses, storage cells for flower bulbs and potatoes, but also for cold stores. We are located in Lisse, in the tulip fields area, near Keukenhof.

We have been providing climate control systems and automation solutions for horticultural companies around the world since 1984. SERCOM works worldwide with local dealers. For our client, this means that he always has to deal with a single point of contact who speaks his language. The dealer is also fully aware of the complete installation at his location.

We are specialists in the automation of greenhouses, bulb sheds and storage cells, among others. The SERCOM system consists of a standard platform, to which various components can be connected if desired. Our software and hardware are designed side by side, which results in a solid system. Characteristic of our products are reliability, reliability and a long service life. Unique is the lightning protection that is standard on all equipment.

SERCOM believes in sustainable solutions for horticulture. Naturally, this also applies to the automation of irrigation units and climate control in greenhouses, bulb sheds and storage cells. Our delivery program varies from simple power detectors to advanced climate computers. In addition, we remain groundbreaking. A good example of this is that we recently designed a Wireless Xtender system.

With the introduction of the Wireless Xtender, SERCOM has optimized the concept of wireless communication between a central climate computer and its substations. Moreover, it is possible to control dosing systems in open fields.

All our supplied systems can be updated without having to replace the hardware. As a major supplier of highly advanced climate control systems, we are the first to use radio technology to realize the possibility of long-distance communication in real time.

This new two-way communication system, formally introduced during the IPM exhibition 2018 in Essen – Germany, makes it possible to communicate between the main computer and up to 16 substations. This can even be done over a distance of up to 5 kilometers! This offers many options for controlling multiple locations from a central office. It also makes it possible to expand production areas without the need for expensive and time-consuming cabling.

The Wireless Xtender has been extensively tested at various locations and applications and is already running without problems in several greenhouses worldwide. It has also been applied to control irrigation units from a distance and in California, we replaced an existing system by our wireless solution. Here, it controls 9 substations within a radius of about a mile. The first wireless systems have now also been applied to potato storage cells in Germany.

SERCOM gives substance to sustainability. Our products are characterized by a long service life. It is therefore no exception if a SERCOM process computer is still operational after more than 30 years.

Our innovative software is developed on a uniform platform. This allows every SERCOM customer to benefit from new updates, regardless of the type or format of installation at his company.

SERCOM is the only supplier in horticulture that develops both hardware and software in-house. This is also very user-friendly. Every customer benefits from new updates, regardless of the type of installation at his company. SERCOM offers a sustainable, innovative and future-proof solution for all horticultural companies. If a part needs to be replaced, the SERCOM partners are ready in 22 countries.

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Light recipes for better control of crops

The increasing demand for more control in the cultivation, in order to breed a perfect tulip throughout the season, has brought SERCOM and Green Simplicity together. We will therefore have to provide insight into the costs of growing a tulip that no longer requires daylight. Sunlight is free, but also a major disruptive factor. When we can provide a room with a stable and optimal climate, in combination with the right (LED) light, it becomes easier to get full control over the growth, growth rate and quality of the crop. The two parties will further investigate what the tulip nursery of the future could look like. Thanks to this innovation, multi-layer cultivation (including tulips) is becoming increasingly interesting, more insightful and easier. The growth of tulips can now really be controlled by the combination of an optimal SERCOM climate in the cell (the new climate cell software package V22) and the measurement of the light spectrum and the Green Simplicity LED lighting (colour recipes).

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