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Roam Technology creates effective, sustainable and chlorine-free disinfection solutions for various application areas. For example, our Huwa-San product is used for water, surface and air disinfection in greenhouse horticulture.

As a hygiene partner, we are happy to contribute with our innovative knowledge, high-quality products and customized service. We take the lead in the field of sustainable hygiene solutions.

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Huwa-San is a unique disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide. The main difference between Huwa-San and normal hydrogen peroxide lies in the presence of a stabilizer. Because H2O2 is not stable, a stabilizer in the form of a small amount of silver is added. The silver is used to increase the stability of the hydrogen peroxide solution. This makes Huwa-San products extremely powerful and residue-free disinfectants that are effective in combating bacteria and biofilm.

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