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PureBlue Water strives to use the most sustainable techniques to deliver clean and safe water. Our focus is on reducing your water, energy and chemical consumption, and on the recovery of raw materials. This reduces your costs and your impact on the environment. Quality and safety are interwoven in our business processes and are central to the organization of the work both within the company and on location at our customers. Our products are the result of our continuous pursuit of innovation and optimization. This is achieved with our own R&D (research and development) department and frequent contacts with knowledge institutions and partners in the industry. Through our own research and development, we give maximum shape to our mission and our commitment to sustainability. We design our purifications for your user convenience. Through clear control panels and distance monitoring, we take care of your operational concerns. Adding an extra installation to your company does not, by definition, mean that your operational concerns will increase. We build installations with a future vision. The proper follow-up of our installations is guaranteed by our unique system for remote monitoring and control. Measuring is knowing. Your installation is continuously fine-tuned so that it performs maximally at a minimal cost. Thanks to our compact container construction, our decentralized water treatment installations are easy to transport (both by land and sea) and quickly installed. These plug-and-play modular units are easy to expand and provide maximum flexibility in capacity. At the customer’s request, our installations can of course also be supplied as a skid or be installed on-site.

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The PueBlue SonoForce ++ purification plant is a purification plant for greenhouse horticulture that meets the BZG certification. The SonoForce ++ achieves the following purification efficiencies: – Minimum 95% purification efficiency – 99.5% purification efficiency for imidacloprid The SonoForce ++ uses ultrasonic, ultraviolet radiation (UV) and hydrogen peroxide. The UV radiation converts the hydrogen peroxide into highly reactive components (hydroxyl radicals) that degrade the crop protection agents. This process is called advanced oxidation and is the most suitable and efficient technology for the degradation of plant protection products. The SonoForce ++ distinguishes itself from other water treatment plants by the addition of an ultrasonic system. Ultrasonic waves are high-energy vibrations with frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz. The ultrasonic system has a multiple function: – Continuous cleaning of UV quartz tubes. – Optimal view of hydrogen peroxide and the water in the reactor. – Guaranteed and reliable operation of the UV lamps.

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