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The challenges the urbanizing world is facing force us to think of improved methods for the production of fresh, safe and healthy food in a sustainable way. To safeguard food production, more and more controlled environment horticulture is needed.

This is the core of what we do at Priva: we make it easy for entrepreneurs to grow a profitable crop, in a sustainable manner, while coping with the global challenges. We do that by offering a total, integrated solution consisting of hardware, software and services to control and manage any horticultural operation, anywhere in the world. This enables entrepreneurs to take conscious and solid decisions about their most important resources: water, labor and energy.

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Priva Connext

The most advanced process computer for perfect cultivation and maximum yield. Whatever crops you grow, having an influence over and an insight into the processes involved in your business is paramount to the business itself, and the crops. To guarantee success and create continuity, it is important to provide the ideal growing conditions for your crop. The Priva Connext process computer allows you to connect and manage all of your processes, now and in the future. The result: perfect cultivation and maximum yield.

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