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PRESSCON has been a specialist in the field of nitrogen generators for more than 20 years. Our company’s core expertise is based on the design, construction and maintenance of nitrogen expansion systems for greenhouse heating in greenhouse farming.
We also offer a supplementary package of products including air compressors, partial flow filters, safety and vacuum valves, pressure sensors, oxygen sensors, vacuum degassers, dosing systems and water softeners to treat the heating water.
Our expertise and experience makes us a reliable partner for both small and large scale projects worldwide.
Our installing teams work internationally and we also provide remote support for customers as well as collaborate with local teams of installers and technicians in several countries in order to keep installation and maintenance costs down.

Innovation, quality and flexibility

All our products are designed, built and tested in our own factory in Honselersdijk and are characterised by innovation, efficiency and quality.
With both design and production being done in-house, our organisation and products have a high level of flexibility. This enables us to build and deliver custom installations for the specific challenges and requirements of each project, that go beyond our standardised product line-up.

Highlighted product

Presscon Nitrogen Generators

A PRESSCON nitrogen expansion system monitors and controls the pressure that is present in the expansion chamber of a large scale central heating system. The system is comprised out of a nitrogen generator with an air compressor, a set of pressure sensors that measure the water level and pressure in the heating system’s buffer tank, a safety pressure/vacuum valve for the buffer tank and a control module that controls the output of the nitrogen generator. Our nitrogen generators have a lightweight design that facilitates easy maintenance and service interventions. The design of the Hornit and Vernit units is deliberately made open without a cabinet to house the inner-workings. This is a choice made both for easy access for maintenance, but also to keep the investment lower for the end customer. While our standard expansion systems span from a production capacity of 1m3 up to 18m3 of 99% pure nitrogen gas per hour, we can also design and build custom nitrogen installations for various industrial uses, with capacities of up to 1.000m3 of nitrogen per hour.

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