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OCT Personeelsdiensten B.V. specializes in staffing, the rapid delivery of temporary workers in the horticultural, food sector, logistics, industrial cleaning, construction/demolition and technics sector. OCT Personeelsdiensten B.V. is a growing, honest and hardworking company, which has an ambitious team that ensures that our clients receive the right selected candidates. We distinguish ourselves through our fast, direct and personal approach. Our motto is Action is Reaction. We do not work for but WITH our clients. Customer-friendliness, accuracy and flexibility are our characteristics that make us strong and differentciate from other suppliers.

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With payrolling, OCT becomes the legal employer of (one or more of) your employees on paper. This is also the big difference between payroll and a payroll office or accountant, in this situation OCT still legally remains the employer with all the associated risks of illness and dismissal. We take care of the planning and you keep in touch with the employees on your work floor. As the legal employer of the employees, we must ensure, among other things, the payment of net salaries, social security contributions, pension contributions and wage tax. You actually rent/lease your own staff back with payroll, but in addition/at the same time you are freed from all administrative red tape and employer risks.

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