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For more than 60 years, Nivola has been the specialist in vertical circulation and mildew control in greenhouses. By means of the NIVOLATOR and the SULPHUR EVAPORATOR.

Our newest product, The NIVOLUTION has been developed since 2016. This is our dehumidification system that can dehydrate and / or cool the greenhouse in an efficient and energy-efficient way.

Why would you consider the vertical circulation system: The Nivolator?
  – The greenhouses are getting higher and there is less gas
     may be used. problems arise in the greenhouse: Too little activity
around the plant, many temperature differences
     and moisture problems on the plant.
Solution: The Nivolator!
    The Nivolator circulates 8000m³ of air per hour! This is what the
    Nivolator brings down in a subtle way. By circulating vertically
there is ensured that the plant can evaporate well and that the
moisture from the plant will sucked off. Because of this there is a
much lower disease pressure and you create less dropout!
    In addition, because warm air is brought down you
    can save up to 30% on your minimum tube!
    Enough reasons to see if this can help you further.

Why would you consider the dehumidification system: the Nivolution?
  – 100% able to screen against light emission and energy saving
  – Solving your horizontal temperature differences!
  – Up to 50% energy savings (in connection with the Nivolator).
  – No more cold falls.
  – Etc.

There are enough reasons to ask about the possibilities of this dehumidification system for your greenhouse.
We are happy to help you looking at the possibilities and together we ensure that your climate and crop are improved!
* Various subsidy options also apply to our products.

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Highlighted product

Nivolator – Verticale circulation system

The tendency towards increasingly higher and larger greenhouse complexes is continuing. Optimizing the climate in these greenhouses requires a different approach. How do you achieve a homogeneous climate throughout these high greenhouses? Nivola has the solution, it is just a question of air movement! The well-considered design of the greenhouse ‘Nivolator’ has a unique air pattern. The Nivolator consist of nine raised blades producing a special conical concentrically directed air stream. The under pressure at the fan causes the air to stream from bottom to top, thus creating two air streams, represented by an inner and an outer cone. In this way an ideal air circulation is produced. The fan blades can be adjusted in order to obtain the correct cone. The greenhouse ‘Nivolator’ can be used with a huge variety of crops. This includes tomatoes, peppers, roses and other flower varieties, cucumbers, strawberries etc. Benefits – Homogeneous temperature and CO2 distribution throughout the whole greenhouse – Air exchange above and below the screen – Energy efficiency – Small vertical temperature gradients between roof and floor – No draughts, no dead climate – Revolutions can be adjusted – Ingenious air pattern – No obstacles

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