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Moleaer™ (Latin for tiny air) develops industrial scale nanobubble generators to enhance a wide range of processes, enabling farmers to grow more food, oil and mining companies to recover more valuable resources, and industries to treat water using less energy and chemicals.

Moleaer’s plug-and-play nanobubble generators produce trillions of nanobubbles, <200nm in size, providing more than 200-times the interfacial surface area of conventional ultra-fine micro bubbles. By leveraging the unique properties of nanobubbles, Moleaer's systems transfer gas with greater than 85% efficiency, making it the most efficient gas injection technology available to dissolve virtually any gas into any liquid.

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The patent-pending Moleaer Bloom is a highly efficient gas-injection technology that converts bulk oxygen into nanobubbles and supersaturates irrigation water with high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO). Negatively charged, neutrally buoyant nanobubbles can remain suspended in water for long periods of time, acting like an oxygen battery that delivers oxygen to the entire body of water. As oxygen is consumed, the nanobubbles continue to diffuse more oxygen into solution, sustaining supersaturated levels of DO, even in warm water. Moleaer’s Bloom is an economical and highly effective tool to improve water quality, increase plant growth, and suppress root disease and environmental stress. The Bloom comes with a self-priming, enclosed impeller pump for maximum flow and energy efficiency. The system is whisper-quiet and corrosion-resistant. The Bloom can be upgraded with a smart controller and integrated DO sensor to allow real time monitoring and system control. Available in 6, 12, & 35 cubic meter per hour flow rates, the Bloom was designed for durable operation, easy installation, and simple control.

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