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MeeGaa is a trusted supplier of high-quality potting soil mixtures and substrates for professional horticulture.

MeeGaa Substrates has two locations where high-quality substrates are produces: Maasland and Den Hoorn. In Maasland, the emphasis is on coconut and substrates for young plants.

High-quality machines, well-trained people and strict quality requirements are an important condition for this. MeeGaa is also affiliated with the RHP. Within the RHP, much attention is paid to risk management and quality improvement. The quality policy within MeeGaa is actively implemented and checked by technical advisers from the RHP through company visits.

MeeGaa Substrates: Quality wins!

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Each crop has its own specific needs in terms of minerals, water management and acidity. By combining the various raw materials, we can respond to the wishes of both the customer and the crop. The basis of a custom-made substrate is that it is airy, provides the crop with nutrients and can retain a lot of moisture.

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