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Maurice Kassenbouw

Maurice Kassenbouw B.V.

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Since our foundation in 1948 under the name Maurice Kassenbouw we have experienced immense development. Over the years, we have evolved from a regional greenhouse builder into a company that occupies a leading position in the horticultural sector. Since 1988 we have start up the export devision under the name Ammerlaan Construction. Built on years of experience, we can deliver you perfectly customized total projects. We fulfil your requirements, with a priority on the indoor and outdoor climate. Thanks to this focus, we offer your company and your performance the optimal opportunities to grow.

Over time, the demand for horticultural products has increased significantly. We have responded by automating our own steel production activities. Welding robots, plasma and laser cutters, machine saws and transport cranes help us to deliver customised projects as quickly as possible.

In short: Our skill in engineering and production will ensure all your requirements are met.




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