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Is internal transport a major cost item for your company?
By automating your internal transport, you need fewer staff and you can also work faster and more efficiently. This can save your company a lot of money.
Martin Stolze has been providing service and quality in internal transport since 1991. In our own workshop we produce, among other things, conveyor belts, buffer belts, main conveyors, potting machines, roller conveyors, watering stations, chain and pot forks, soil conveyor belts and accessories. These different systems can be combined and provided with a complete computer control. We are happy to help you with the guidance and execution of your project.

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Packing lines

The efficient and ergonomic packing lines from Martin Stolze are specially designed for various activities such as supplying bulk packaging, packing and weighing and removing both small packages and empty bulk packaging. Many setups are possible for this; work tables on one side or both sides, all in ‘line’ or adjusted to the room and working method. The packing lines are tailor-made entirely to your wishes. Our products can be combined. We can provide these combinations with, for example, work tables, scales and lighting. With these systems you move the product, but not your employees. This can save you a lot of time!

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