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Maintenance-free plastic

Piping systems made of plastics are maintenance-free, light and very durable. They help reduce repair and overall costs and are suitable for the transport of drinking water, abrasive and aggressive liquids, as well as gas.
Complete system solutions
With more than 60,000 products, GF Piping Systems can offer complete system solutions. In addition, custom-made special parts and special series are also possible. Customers benefit from perfectly matched solutions from a single source.
Local support
GF Piping Systems has its own sales companies in 34 countries, which means it is always by its customers’ side. Our production sites in 32 locations in America, Europe, and Asia ensure sufficient availability and quick, reliable delivery.
Service in all project phases
GF Piping Systems supports its customers both in the initial switch from metal to plastic and in retrofits – across all project phases. They benefit from more than 60 years of experience in plastic systems and application knowledge from 100 countries.
Partner for digitization
With its advanced automation and digitization solutions, GF Piping Systems allows its customers to optimize their applications and to gain easier access their system data. Digital tools like the chemical resistance tool support them in every phase of the project.
Facts and figures
Established: 1802 (Georg Fischer AG) in Switzerland
Locations: 34 countries with own sales offices
Turnover: 1.821 billion Swiss francs (2018)
Employees: 6852 (2018)
Reliability and cost savings with plastic

The plastic piping systems by GF Piping Systems are non-corrosive and do not have to be replaced throughout the entire service life of the system. Therefore, they contribute to the increased reliability of the system, while lowering maintenance costs and staff requirements. They are excellently suited for applications involving drinking and sewage water, coolants, acids, leaches and other chemicals, as well as abrasive compounds. Weighing up to 60 percent less than metal systems, they have lower static requirements and are easier to transport. Innovative jointing technologies such as cementing or integrated electrofusion allow them to be installed up to 50 percent faster. What is more, their low carbon dioxide foot print, energy efficiency and recyclability are important elements in lowering their environmental impact.

Everything for complete system solutions

Maintenance-free and durable

The pipes are available in a large range of materials to optimally match any type of application – also pre-insulated, double-containment and ultrapure for special requirements. Cementing or welding connects them quickly, permanently and reliably.


Fast and safe jointing

The comprehensive range of fittings allows fast, safe jointing. Depending on the requirements, they can be permanent or detach-able, also pre-insulated for cooling applications. Special fittings are available for material transitions and the jointing to steel.


Precise control for all media

The mostly maintenance-free, durable valves offer precise control also for the dosage of aggressive and abrasive media. The butterfly valves, ball valves and diaphragm valves are complemented by a comprehensive range of special valves.


Data processing and process optimization

The measurement and control technology provides system and process data and allows customers to optimize their application. Pneumatic and electric actuators allow the more efficient deployment of staff and a higher degree of process and quality control.


Support in all project phases

The services of GF Piping Systems support customers in every phase of the project. This includes calculations, expert support in the selection of materials and products, the management of components and installation, as well as quality control.

Highlighted product

Smart Actuator

Our latest actuator is no longer silent and dumb, but it connects with you. Thanks to one app, you can access it at any time in order to read data or carry out settings, for example. This makes work easier and more efficient than ever before.

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