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More and more horticulture businesses are producing organically. These businesses make use of the top quality knowledge and expertise in the field of plant protection provided by Ecoline Biotechnology. We are backed by years of experience in research and consultancy. As an independent expert we can also support you in the use of biological plant protection products. The emphasis in our work is on giving advice. Biological plant protection is still a new discipline and our know-how will serve you well. Together we can look at how to achieve optimum results. Ecoline is also a producer itself. We are independent and continually select the best products from the wide range available. All the products we supply comply with Ecoline’s strict standards and have demonstrated their value in tests which Ecoline itself was involved in. We also require manufacturers to provide us with detailed information about the precise action of a product.

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Drip Clean

Prevent blockage of the drip feed system: Clean drip feeders without risky chemical additives Blocked drip feeders cost a lot of money and are very risky, especially in the Summer. Preventing blockages is essential. There are chemical solutions for this purpose, but they can lead to growth retardation and, again, cost time and money. The chemical substances used are also very aggressive and therefore can be hazardous. Ecoline Biotechnology provides a good solution: the DripClean. The Drip Clean is assembled by the feed line of a drip feed system. The Drip Clean needs 110 – 240 V connection, adds no substances to the water and produces no waste. The water reviver softens the water so that fertilizers no longer precipitate in the pipeline system. Organic particles and algae can therefore no longer adhere to the pipeline walls, and blockages and slime build-up become a thing of the past. The action of the water reviver does not depend on what plants are being cultivated. The apparatus improves the water quality, which is very important to all plants. The water reviver is not a filter.

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