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Since 1998, the company is based in Hoogstraten on the border with the Netherlands, one of the largest horticultural areas in Belgium. Bogaerts greenhouse logistics covers an area of almost 10 000m² and has all facilities that are necessary for designing, creating and fabricating high quality and sustainable products and systems. Bogaerts specializes itself in turn-key logistic and harvest solutions for today’s professional greenhouse industry and has become one of the leading companies in development and manufacturing of machines and accessories for industrial greenhouse cultivation on the international market.

All design and engineering is done in-house using the latest 3D-technology. During the years, Bogaerts has developed a full range of modular concepts and standards. In some cases, standard solutions are not always the best solutions, Bogaerts is a very flexible company and is only satisfied with the best solution for the customer. A fully customized machine/logistic solution is not an obstacle, but a challenge!

Bogaerts greenhouse logistics has an international distribution area, delivering products and logistic systems worldwide.

Highlighted product

Power Bee

The Power Bee, designed to suit the desire of the grower, provides a large pull capacity of 4 tons at high and low speed. The user -friendly design allows quik step-on and step-off from the vehicle. The Power Bee is robust, durable and has a small turning radius. The Power Bee is available in the “hand-operated” version and also in the “full-automatic” version in which the vehicle tracks an induction cable in the floor and stops at every obstacle or fixed stop. – Ergonomic, modern design – Fully powder coated chassis, mechanically blasted – Full -traction batteries 400Ah – Drive with maintenance-free gearbox (no chain)

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