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For over 35 years Bato Plastics has been developing, producing and distributing (plastic) products for the cultivation of vegetables, soft fruit and ornamentals, as well as clientspecific custom-moulding items.
We provide thousands of growers worldwide innovative solutions: from clips to substrate trays,
and from ornamental pots to truss supports and gutters.

Bato is actively working on the world of tomorrow. Since 2001 we have designed and developed various products made from biodegradable and/or compostable material.

Highlighted product

Hanging Pot Bermuda 15 cm

Grab the attention of the consumer with the Bermuda! The diamond-shaped pattern on the outside makes the pot a true eye-catcher. A cover pot is not necessary, which increases its appeal to consumers. It also offers all the properties that are important for commercial cultivation. It has been developed bearing in mind an optimal load volume for transport, it can be easily integrated in automated processes and meets all requirements for optimal cultivation. The pot is available with a solid hook, and a label holder if required.

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