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APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH

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APROVIS is a leading expert on efficient energy use and the reduction of emissions in cogeneration plants.
We offer innovative technologies for all components of the exhaust line from a single source.

APROVIS SCR catalysts perform the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides from exhaust gases perfect for CO2 fertilizing use in greenhouses.
APROVIS oxidation and 3-way catalytic converters reduce the pollutants in the exhaust gas that are produced when engines burn fuels.
APROVIS silencers are compact and offer optimum sound insulation with covering low to high frequency ranges.
APROVIS heat recovery with exhaust gas heat exchangers or heat recovery steam generators used for heating purposes.
From consulting, development of complete exhaust systems and on-site implementation to long term service agreements– we remain your contact in every situation.
This service concept has become our motto:

APROVIS 360. We’re at your service – anytime, anywhere.




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