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Welcome your customers automatically!
The door will never be a barrier to your customers again. With the Gatemaster® Excel you can welcome them automatically. The drive on your door makes your shop accessible to every customer. For those customers with shopping trolleys, prams, wheelchairs or mobility scooters, an automatic door is a blessing. You can set the drive yourself: how far should the door open? And for how long? These options and others are easy to set using the user-friendly control panel.

Safe and reliable

Security is foremost with MeerDeur. With the automatic reverse system, the door returns to the open position, before the microprocessor sends the door back cautiously to the position where the obstacle was detected. For the next closing cycle the Gatemaster® Excel operates at half speed, just to make sure again that safety is guaranteed. If you so wish so, MeerDeur can supply your automatic door with even more safety options.

The Gatemaster® Excel is renowned for its high level of reliability. It is guaranteed for a year as standard. And if you sign up for a service contract, safety and reliability can be guaranteed in the longer term.


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