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If you say ROOFMASTER from Besseling, you say robust and efficient greenhouse roof cleaners. Our machines know how to turn every greenhouse into a clean one, worldwide. Thanks to constant innovation and with the latest technologies, the ROOFMASTER is your harvesting machine for daylight. It lets the sun in again, resulting in more production. Visit our booth where we present both our new house style and website. Let’s talk about what a ROOFMASTER can do for you!

Hervorgehobenes Produkt


De ROOFMASTER has grown into a household name in international horticulture, thanks to its 30 years of innovation and expertise. Developed and manufactured in the Netherlands, for customers around the world. Cleaning greenhouses fast and efficiently, that is our promise. „Harvest the daylight“ is what we deliver: more light = more production. Besseling Techniek would like to get in touch, to see what a ROOFMASTER can do for you!

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